“Spark7” the eight-strings guitarist ISAO’s solo project

Spark7 is the eight-strings guitarist ISAO’s solo project. This time, an ultimate album has been made with Philip Bynoe (Bass) famous in Steve Vai, the super drummer Thomas Lang (Drums) and Kiyomi Otaka (Organ) from Cassiopea 3rd. In this album, you can find international-minded sound all over the tracks. Spark7 also had Tony MacAlpine(G) and e-ZUKA(G) from GRANRODEO as guest players.


Gt. Isao Fujita
Ba. Philip Byno
Dr. Thomas Lang
Kb. Kiyomi Otaka


In 2000, ISAO made his own instrument band, bright-NOA, debut at BGM Japan. Meanwhile, he also worked energetically on his solo project Spark7; he released his 1st album “A Stride” and 2nd album “Gravity Core” with Mike Mangini (Drums) from Dream Theater, Philip Bynoe (Bass) famous in Steve Vai & Nuno Bettencourt, who ISAO met during his 4-year long residence in Los Angels.
In his solo project Spark7, ISAO has performed live shows with Thomas Lang (Drums) and Kiyomi Otaka (Organ) from Cassiopeia 3rd. These days, he formed a new trio band Trimurti with Toshimi Nagai (Bass) and Kozo Suganuma (Drums); their debut album “Trimurti” will be released on September 2014. He also had been in Cube – Ray with IKUO

Philip Byno
Three-time Grammy nominee and Emmy Award-winning bassist Philip Bynoe is a prolific recording and touring musician. Though best known for his work with virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai, Philip has played everything from heavy metal to R&B to classical, and has worked with the likes of Kevin Eubanks and “The Tonight Show Band,” Dorian Holley (of Michael Jackson), Slash (of “Velvet Revolver”), Charlie Farren, and “Ring of Fire” with Tony MacAlpine.
Music has been the focus of Philip’s life since early childhood. His father played string bass in an orchestra and his mother played cello. They wanted all of their five children to learn a musical instrument. So , at age six, Philip began to study cello. Later, he studied guitar. But it wasn’t until he picked up his father’s electric bass in sixth grade that he found his “voice.” Soon after, he joined a band called “The Soul Explosions.” All throughout middle and high school, he played in every band he could. After high school, Philip attended The Berklee College of Music in Boston. He studied with Wit Brown and practiced for hours every night. Then he joined a cover band called “Flash” and began playing six nights a week in a local night club.
He changed bands several times in the ensuing years. Eventually, Nuno Bettencourt of “Extreme” introduced Philip to Mike Mangini. Soon, he and Mangini were playing together in the “Rick Berlin Band.” They entered and won a rhythm section competition in Massachusetts. And it was Mangini who later got Philip an audition with Steve Vai.
All the years of discipline and steady playing paid off. Philip landed the gig. He recorded and did many world tours with Vai. He received three Grammy Award nominations for his work. In 2005, he received an Emmy Award for his work on the soundtrack for a remake of Reefer Madness.

Philip continues recording, touring and playing out. His versatility keeps him in high demand with an eclectic range of artists. He also teaches bass and ensemble work at the L.A. Music Academy in Pasadena.
As a labor of love, Philip is currently recording and releasing children’s albums with two groups, “PB & Deb” and “Jambo”. And he’s writing and producing many different kinds of music with various artists.

Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang was born in Austria on August 5, 1967. He has been drumming every since he was 5 years old. Lang was schooled at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, where he learnt many different styles of drumming.
He is known for many achievements like playing in over 250 albums, creating a number of successful instructional videos, and creating a line of drum hardware practice pads and cymbals. Thomas Lang is great with both traditional and standard grip, maximizing speed and control.
He is also a master feet control. His view on life is to “Play the Unplayed”, which he strives to play rhythms and tempos that have never been played before.

Kiyomi Otaka
Kiyomi Otaka was born in October 18 and started to play organ when she was 6-year-old. With the distinct and unconventional style on her composition and performance, Kiyomi released a trio album “Out of Sight” with Dave Weckl (Drums) and Gray Willis (Bass) in December 2001, “Paragraph” with Masayuki Muraishi in 2002, and “Frames” with Tsugutoshi Goto and Hideo Yamaki in 2004. She also released five leader albums and an organ gradus video “You can! Jazz & Rock Organ”.

In 2006, Kiyomi started a band, assure, with Kozo Suganuma (Drums). Its progressive sound added excitement on Japanese music scenes, and the band released its first Live DVD a year later the establishment. Kiyomi has abundant experiences on performing with foreign artists such as Thomas Lang (Drums), Mike Mangini (Drums), and Allen Hinds (Guitar); she also played at the prominent jazz club, The Baked Potato, in Los Angeles.

Kiyomi’s music activities also including providing music tracks for musicians, TV appearance, domo song composing, studio work, writing, Organ Instructor at Thoth Music Academy and operating projects such as “Organ Ladies Live ~華 hana~” and “Organ Festa”. She was in charged of the writer of “Otaka Kiyomi’s Organ Style” on Keyboard Magazine from 2004 to 2008. Kiyomi restarted her music activity as one the members of CASIOPEA 3rd, and her scores “Gakufu” and “KIYOmi CHANnel” is on sale on digifort.


Spark 7


  1. Tri-Stars
  2. Cricket Chorus
  3. Gain the Day
  4. Cold Feet
  5. Pudding Busters
  6. Acorn Spin
  7. Zombies in a Dream
  8. The Dancing Witch

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 ~Sara & ~Elisa