MOSMA 2017 with a feature on videogame soundtracks

The festival featuring movie soundtracks, Movie Score Málaga (MOSMA) comes this edition with a concert dedicated to videogames. On july 9th, as a part of the event’s schedule, a concert at the Teatro Echegaray (Málaga) is taking place. Conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich, it will have Neal Acree as a…

V-Concert begins tomorrow!

The long awaited day has come, and VCONCERT want you to be there to celebrate with them.

On November 28th, Yoko Shimomura, The One Ups, Metroid Metal and Royal Corneria Aiforce will be in El Plaza Condesa to perform the biggest show ever. The event is at 7 in the evening, don’t miss it!

Gamepolis 2015 – review & gallery

Gamepolis took place last weekend. The main novelty in this third edition was the area dedicated to indie developers. Don’t miss the review by SEGAKU, that also comes with a huge gallery!

It wasn’t my first time at the event. I went with a regular pass on its first edition two years ago, and it was quite disappointing since the only focus of interest was Youtubers and LOL competitions. There were barely any booths, the place was extremely packed and had barely any activity outside of the panels. However, the event has grown bigger and better ever since. I was positively surprised and, despite some incidents, I can say it was really good in the end.