the GazettE reveal UGLY EP, the third movement of PROJECT:DARK AGE

Six weeks since the UK and European release of DOGMA, the eighth studio album from Japan’s visual kei veterans the GazettE, the influential group return with a three-track EP entitled UGLY, compiled of completely new material.
DOGMA marked the first movement of PROJECT:DARK AGE, an artistic venture involving 18 creative professionals spanning Japan’s fashion, design, photography, sound, film and stage industries, with the GazettE’s five members at its centre. The album achieved top ten positions in 18 iTunes charts across 15 European countries, and number one in five. Through the chemistry and expression of those 18 unique masters of their field, DOGMA could materialise and spread. Their work highlighted in the limited edition of the album, which included a 64-page A4 sized booklet including beautiful and dark artwork and photography, as well as a DVD containing an exclusive music video and documentary to accompany the album.


A 22-date nationwide tour became the second movement, entitled DOGMATIC UN, and introduced the live element and concept of DOGMA. Vocalist RUKI comments, “the album represents only a portion of PROJECT:DARK AGE. There’s still more to come and I believe that to fully understand the album it has to be experienced live. We want to bring this sound around the world.”

UGLY, PROJECT DARK:AGE’s third movement, sees the GazettE’s sound take a much more aggressive and ferocious turn. The EP sees the group reunite with one of the world’s most in-demand mastering engineers, Ted Jensen (Bring Me The Horizon, Deftones, Pantera) of Sterling Sound. The release has been mastered especially for iTunes and features 24-bit crystal clear audio. “We wanted to create this EP in such a way that it’s as if the listener is in the middle of the sound, like we’re in the room playing right in front of them with each instrument clearly standing out”, says guitarist AOI. Drummer and group leader KAI adds, “Adding Ted’s flavour to the mix allowed us to broaden the GazettE’s possibilities musically.” “He definitely made the sound more solid”, expresses bass player REITA.

With the announcement of UGLY, the GazettE also revealed the fourth movement; DOGMATIC DEUX, a further 20-date tour of Japan encompassing December 2015 and January 2016. The final fifth movement remains unannounced. Guitarist URUHA concludes, “I’m ecstatic about the progress so far, and working with so many fantastic people. It’s an honour, and there is still more to come.”

UGLY Tracklist:

  1. UGLY

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~Elisa (via JPU Records)