“Thomas Was Alone”, a one of a kind experience

Nowadays, the market is saturated by all the influx of indie videogames. This is something that is extremely beneficial for us gamers, since we get to enjoy a huge variety of weird games that major companies wouldn’t do. “Thomas Was Alone” is a prime example of this.


“Thomas Was Alone” is a game that really struck me. Behind the simplistic concept and graphics lies a complex game: we play as Thomas and his friends, jumping up and down through several platforming stages in which they have to help eachother.

We play through this world while a narrator tells us how each character feels about others characters and about the situation they’re living. Each character has an unique ability or skill. Some characters have the ability to jump more than others, others can go through water. We often find ourselves making piles and ladders by combining each character to help them all reach the goal.


Because, indeed, we often pile them up since they’re cubes. Every character in the game is a kind of cube: bigger, smaller, longer, etc. All are cubes. This is because the author can’t draw, but even so, the narrative treats the characters as if they were people (and it is easy to imagine them as people). And in the end, we find ourselves getting attached to a myriad of cubes with different skills.

Another highlight of the game is the music. Created by David Houdsen, this game has a really unlikely soundtrack, which features beautiful tracks full of 8-bit effects mixed with delicate piano sounds. It is a soundtrack that’s fully enjoyable, really beautiful music that you don’t usually find in such minimalistic games. Some tracks are merrier, while others are darker, and it is precisely these tracks that help us get involved with the story, characters and their situation. It’s kinda funny, listening to a serious soundtrack while playing as a bunch of cubes. But it works, and it makes “Thomas Was Alone” a really memorable experience.

You can purchase the game through Steam, as well as other platforms such as the PS Store.