Tokami to release their single “Liberador”

This time, they bring us their new single “Liberador”, which will be released on January 8th, 2014. This single is full of power, clashing feelings and a shoutout to let our real essence show.

Tokami Liberador

This band, which began in 2005, still represents the Visual Kei from the old school, with a strong, heavy sound full of darkness and power in every single, under different concepts and ideas, they can still surprise us in the Visual Kei scene.

Vocal: Agato
Guitar: K
Bass: いちか (Ichika)
Drums: 1000 (Sen)

Single tracklist

  1. For my dearest
  2. Calling…
  3. Vanish
  4. s.r.d.m
  5. Downpour~絶望の空、土砂降りの闇の下~
  6. Idea

Calling PV

– Enary