V-CON’s store opens with Akira Yamaoka’s “Revolución” CD

The great videogame & music festival from Mexico, V-CON, has just barely opened their online store, from where fans can purchase several items, including CDs, tshirts, and so on.


However the most interesting item is Akira Yamaoka’s “Revolución” CD, which was at first available in two versions:

  • Regular, not signed, for only $10
  • Limited, signed, for $25

Though the signed edition went out of stock within 48 hours, the regular one is still available.

Just a suggestion though, if you are from Europe or Asia, the shipping costs will be killer. What I recommend here is to have an American friend do the purchase for you, and then ship it to your place.

“Revolución” is a CD made exclusively for the Mexico lives in 2012 and it includes 3 tracks, “Revolución”, “Realidad” and “Día del muerto”. The first two tracks feature Spanish lyrics, the last one is in English.

This CD (or rather, single), which is completely made and produced by Akira Yamaoka, is unique since the themes are sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Troy Baker, both widely known in the gaming industry.

So go get your copy of “Revolución” before it sells out!