Versailles 2017 tour review – Barcelona

Versailles visited Spain earlier this month. In this review, my friend tells us about her experience at the event. Check it out!


Versailles Philharmonic Quintet have just successfully (and effortfully) their “Renaissance” tour.
Seven were the chosen countries for this tour (in order): Russia, Finland, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and France.

Sadly, the concert on February 4th, Saturday, became overshadowed by a “little”accident that affected vocalist Kamijo, which happened during the concert of Warsaw, Poland: he had fallen off the stage and everyone was talking about a severe damage that kept the singer from walking.
At first, information was very scarce and there was a rumour that said that the Barcelona concert (which was due to take part two days after the accident), could be cancelled. Versailles members wrote online apologizing for worrying their fans, and Kamijo confirmed on his Twitter (in Spanish) that the concert wouldn’t be cancelled (x, x).

Heading to Salamandra 1! From early morning, fans were slowly arriving and Versailles Street Team Crystal Roses began arranging fans based on their ticket type (VIP or Normal) and time of arrival. On top of that, they were arranging a Spain flag with the logo of the band and a message in Japanese congratulating the band for their work these past few years.




We were accompanied by Japanese, Italian, French and German fans… and fans from everywhere in Spain, too!

After two long waiting hours inside the venue (from 18:00 to 20:00) and an hour for those who had a regular ticket (from 19:00 to 20:00), the moment finally came.
The musicians went on the stage one by one in the following order: Yuki (drummer), Masashi (bassist), Teru (guitarist), Hizaki (guitarist) and, finally (and the most awaited one) Kamijo… on golden crutches!



Kamijo could hardly walk through the stage to the center, where a tall, spinning stool was waiting for him. He was welcomed with a huge applause full of admiration, respect and gratitude due to achieving (agaisnt all odds) with the two last dates of the European tour. Kamijo himself would talk between songs about his injury, saying that he had his leg broken at the shinbone.
The concert went on relatively normal. Full of energy, interacting with the crowd… but with a few failures. Every one of the members of the band were looking after their singer, who had a reduced mobility and kept on making things such as the mic stand or his own crutches fall around, having a roadie come after him all the time. He would also move his crutches playfully at the rythim of the songs from his seat.
The stress from the last few days was obvious, and a few of the musicians of the band played the rythim and solos of a few songs wrong, even cutting off a song at the very beginning and apologizing after laughing it off.
They threw a few picks at the crowd, a few water bottles, and Teru and Hizaki came close to shake hands with a few of the fans from the first row even though there was a distance of one metre between the stage and the crowd.
The songs, which were full of emotion, were professionally adapted to the current circumstances. Kamijo was cheered on and replied by smiling back with gratitude… his smile clouded by the pain his recent injury was giving him. On top of it, the instruments were suspiciously badly equalized, in a way that they had a volume higher than that of the singer’s mic.
The vocalist sang 80% of the songs sitting down. We missed his constant dancing and elegant spins playing with his cape… this was swapped by some clumsy and funny spins on his stool, giving his back to the crowd once by mistake.
These and a few other mistakes didn’t really affect the event nor the normality of the concert, and it wasn’t taken as something negative by the fans. These details have made of the concert from February 4th one of the most unique and unforgettable of Versailles.
Lastly, and from the corner of the stage taken by Masashi and Teru, they grabbed from the crowd the Spanish flag that Crystal Roses ST had prepared for the commemorative event photo.
After the concert was over, there were a few fans that stood outdoors of the Salamandra venue waiting for their idols, which were received with words full of gratitude in Japanese and an applause.

From here, Crystal Roses wants to say thanks to Versailles for their professionalism and dedication to their fans… as well as wishing Kamijo a quick recovering. Likewise, we want to show gratitude to the fans for their comprehensive behaviour in these unexpected circumstances that made us all enjoy a memorable concert.



  1. Aristocrat’s Symphony
  2. Ascendead Master
  3. Shout & Bites
  4. Vampire
  5. Inheritance
  6. Intermission
  7. Melodic Thorn
  8. Chandelier
  9. Zombie
  11. Philia
  12. Serenade
  13. Faith & Decision
  14. Masquerade
  15. Lineage
  16. Sympathia
  17. The Revenant Choir


Thanks to Mei for the review and pics!