Video review: Calmando Qual – Chandelier

Enary brings us a new PV by the amazing band Calmando Qual. Check it out!


The band, which in the beginning starred only Hibiki on vocals and Tak on guitar back in 2001, was founded under the premise of sadness, pain and beauty, which, when together would bring another feelings upon listening to the music.

This time, the band released a new pv called Chandelier, from one of their older singles “Doors”, which was released on May 26th, 2010.

This PV was aired at the end of September with the same premise, but with a addicting beat from the bass together with Hibiki’s voice and that special touch that makes this band unique.







Vocal: Hibiki
Guitar: Tak
Bass: K
Drums: Maya

Chandelier PV


Official website

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– Enary