Layers of fear 2 and the complexity of the human identity

Posted on Oct 8, 2019

Some months ago came Layers of Fear 2. The studio, Bloober Team, never leaves anyone indifferent.


A huge surprise that nobody was expecting, given that Layers of Fear (the first game) had everything perfectly well finished. But we did get a sequel, although the plots are not related whatsoever.

While in Layers of Fear the ongoing theme was painting, playing as a painter once incredibly succesful, now gone absolutely ignored after certain dark events in his life, in Layers of Fear 2 the running theme is theatre. In this game, we play as James, a really sought after – yet extremely eccentric – actor that is playing a role on a ship. This recording will always be lead by The director, always present, the hand guiding the player, dubbed by horror icon Tony Todd. Pretty much like the first game, James will be forced to face people and chapters from his past, his current fears, and a wide array of choices that will determine the ending of the game.

Inside the recording, the player never quite knows what is real, fantasy, present or past. For the vast majority of the game, events happen in the ship, however other locations are explored too. Environments can be quite big, with lots of alternative paths, choices and options. On top of that, there are different kinds of collectibles: posters, slides, audio files plus some strange objects of which only four exist in the whole game. These collectibles are the biggest difference, in terms of gameplay, when comparing it to the first game. While the first game was a true “walking simulator” experience, with barely a couple of puzzles that added variety to the adventure, this game demands more investment from the player through more puzzles, challenges, instant deaths and, of course, collectibles.

Starting from the main menu, everything is made so that it is easier to achieve every collectible and all three endings. This game is designed to be played several times, and this is something obvious from the very start, since there are three individual save slots, the possibility of playing each “act” separately (the game is divded by acts, as if it was a theatre play) and, on top of that, upon finishing it the player unlocks a “new game +” option, which saves all of the collectibles that have already been collected. Also, to add to everything said, depending on what paths are chosen, there are different results, situations and collectibles that vary.

From now on, everything are going to be spoilers, as it is impossible to analyze this game without spoiling it.


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Mary’s Blood: CONFESSiONS International Release and London Live Show

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

Japan’s all female heavy metal band Mary’s Blood mark their first show outside of Japan (headlining METAL MATSURI at London’s O2 Academy Islington!) with the international release of latest, heavy offering; CONFESSiONS.


Mary’s Blood CONFESSiONS will be available on CD from 4 October 2019 across Europe and North America via JPU Records. The release will include a full booklet with Japanese lyrics, images of the band as well as translated and transliterated lyrics for the first time.



Pre-order here!

You can purchase the Japanese versions here:

CONFESSiONS / Mary's Blood
Mary’s Blood
CONFESSiONS / Mary's Blood
Mary’s Blood


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MIYAVI’s new overseas tour and album NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO

Posted on Jul 24, 2019

World-renown musician, actor and humanitarian, MIYAVI has released his first solo album in three years titled, NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO on July 24th, 2019 Japan standard time via Universal Music Group. The new album is a major departure from his last crossover album, Samurai Sessions Vol. 3 – World’s Collide which featured guest vocals from notable artists including Samuel L. Jackson, Betty Who, Mikky Ekko, Yuna and more.

No Sleep Till Tokyo wide

MIYAVI previewed songs from the new album on the Japan leg of his world tour which began in May 2019, and will be followed by extensive touring in North America and Europe. NO SLEEP TILL TOKYO illuminates a more personal side of the musician while simultaneously demonstrating his Rock and Roll roots and guitar prowess. The album will feature original artwork from Sui Ishida, celebrated author of best selling manga Tokyo Ghoul.



You can order this new album through these links:


No Sleep Till Tokyo / MIYAVI
No Sleep Till Tokyo / MIYAVI

Along with his new work, he’s arranged an European promotional tour, stopping at several countries.

SEGAKU, as a Spain-based media, is dedicated to promote this tour, especially the Spanish show. Here are the special details for the Barcelona live:

Date: October 10 (Thursday)

Tickets can be already purchased at

Regular ticket is 35€ plus admin fees

VIP ticket (70€ plus admin fees) includes:

  • Early access to venue
  • Personal photo with Miyavi
  • Meet and Greet
  • VIP laminated pass

Check out all the dates below!

  • October 5 — Tiivistämö, Helsinki, Finland
  • October 6 — Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK
  • October 8 — Backstage by the Mill, Paris, France
  • October 9 — Rockschool Barbey, Bordeaux, France
  • October 10 — Salamandra, Barcelona, Spain
  • October 12 — Moulin Rouge, Geneve, Switzerland
  • October 13 — Le Trasnbordeur, Villeurbanne, France
  • October 15 — Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • October 16 — Essigfabrik, Cologne, Germany
  • October 17 — Columbia Theater, Berlin, Germany




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Satsuki’s “BE YOURSELF” Tour 2019

Posted on Jun 9, 2019

Satsuki‘s European tour is coming up! We have all the details you’re looking for!

Satsuki BE YOURSELF official photo 1

When the prolific visual kei band RENTRER EN SOI disbanded in 2008, their singer continued as a solo artist. Little could we know that Satsuki would produce an eclectic musical work that would exceed all expectations. His solo debut single AWAKE (2009) dwelled in the gentleness of visual kei with a clear rock sound. The 2016 double release APOCALYPSE fired energy and aggressiveness with influences from both alternative rock as well as djent/progressive metal. In contrast to the rock and metal vibes, Satsuki adapted trap in REBOOT (2018), focusing on the lyrics delivered in the clarity of rap.
Further refining his skills, Satsuki released the digital single BE YOURSELF in May 2019. As the title suggests, the song reflects the artist’s ideal to be true to himself. He says: “After pondering and working on my art, I came to the conclusion that a natural way is the most powerful. We all are born to be ourselves. You can be yourself!”. The BE YOURSELF Tour 2019 is reflecting this stance.

Here are the tour dates:

  • 06/14 Bobble Café, Lille, France – Regular tickets on site, VIP tickets here.
  • 06/15 AnimeCon, Rotterdam, Netherlands – Info here.
  • 06/16 Le Garage, Liège, Belgium – Tickets here.
  • 06/22 Magnificon, Krakow, Poland – Info here.
  • 06/23 Tsunami Club, Cologne, Germany – Tickets here.
  • 06/27 Marie-Antoinette, Berlin, Germany – Tickets here.
  • 06/29 Summer Geek Festival, Mons, Belgium – Info here.
  • 06/30 Summer Geek Festival, Mons, Belgium – Info here.


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Exclusive Jupiter interview!

Posted on May 10, 2019

band-Jupiter exc

Jupiter is right now immersed in their European tour (read more about it here). For this occasion, SEGAKU was offered the chance to interview them.

Although it is a very short interview, it has interesting details you may not know about!

Thanks to everyone who sent questions!



  • Which are your sources of inspiration for your band? (musically, visually, etc)
    • HIZAKI:  Any kind of arts. I often go visit museums or churches.
  • What do you think of the current visual kei scene, both new and, on the other hand, older bands that maintain their classic style?
    • HIZAKI:  When it comes to recent bands, I feel that they lack individuality.
  • Which is your favorite Jupiter song? Why?
    • HIZAKI:  Zeus. This song is very impressive, so I actually nearly cryed on stage.
  • Have you ever thought about including guttural voices in your songs? what about breakdowns?
    • HIZAKI: I think gutural voices are not that suitable for our music… same goes for breakdowns.
  • A tour can be really tiring yet full of events and memories. Tell us about one (or more) anecdote from your tours.
    • HIZAKI: We always go to watch churches at places we go to. I felt my heart being washed every time.
  • If you hadn’t become musicians, what would you be doing?
    • TERU: I would have become a graphic designer.
  • Besides music, which are some of your other passions?
    • HIZAKI: Watching Movies
    • TERU: Drawing
    • KUZE: Drinking
  • Teru, have you thought about colaborating with a lolita brand and sell your own designs?
    • TERU: I actually often design our merchandise such as T-shirts, towels, bags and so on. So, if someone came to me with a vision, I would probably collaborate.


Thanks a lot to Jupiter for their time!

Also, thanks to Editions Hikari for this chance! Check out their FB page for more stuff on Jupiter’s tour!



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